Have you ever been to a Sound Bath?


David and Lucy of ‘Nada Sound Therapy’ have been developing innovative and inspiring methods for helping improve wellbeing across Hampshire and the South of England. Their combined skills bring together sound therapy, mindfulness, hypnotherapy and therapeutic movement.


One of the most popular and accessible approaches has been through the use of sound and they have worked with a range of people from Southampton Football Club, local colleges, art galleries and private events.



The practice of sound therapy is not a new concept although it has very much come into popular practice in recent years. During a ‘sound bath’ (no water required!) you are bathed in sounds produced by instruments such as singing bowls, gongs and percussion.

These powerful tools can help you feel a sense of inner peace and offer the opportunity for deep self-reflection.

As a trained academic teacher and with 15 years experience under his belt, David also enjoys working with young people in education. He says that “as the global challenge of stress management rises, we need to find new and accessible ways of helping people”.


One of their recent creative developments has been in collaboration with Queen Elizabeth Country Park where they have developed a ‘Mindful Photography’ course. These one day events are a full sensory experience and combine sound therapy, mindfulness and taking photographs within nature.


So how do you find peace in a frantic world? Well, the answer to this may be different for everyone and Nada Sound Therapy are at the cutting edge of new techniques. So get ready to feel empowered and engaged in the evelopment of your own well being and be sure to look out for an event or class near you!

Nada Sound Therapy

get ready to feel empowered and engaged in the
development of your own well being and be sure to look out
for an event or class near you!

Have you ever been to a sound bath?

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