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Events in space July August 2018

This year so far has offered many astronomical delights for sky-gazers and it gets better. While amazing astronomical phenomena are in the offing, these events are just a few of celestial moments worth circling on your wall planner for 2018. Including a Blood Moon, Partial Lunar Eclipse and the Perseid Metero Showers

Should we brace ourselves for Tiangong-1 Chinese Space Station ?

As Tiangong-1's orbit slowly decays. as the earth’s gravity over comes the stations its velocity and it will crash land, but before it does it will be a spectacular display as it disintegrates in the sky. Experts predict, while most of the station will burn up in the atmosphere, some of its hardier components will likely survive the inferno and crash into Earth. 

£100m boost for UK space sector to ensure UK is equipped to stay ahead of the competition. 

Universities and Science Minister Jo Johnson underlined the government’s commitment to the UK space sector as he visited the future site of a new £100m state-of-the-art government-funded satellite facility. 

London Science Museum Lates: Space 

One of our Directors here at the National Space Times and LOOP Magazine Blake Hopley has been hard at work again with UK Space Environments Association, with the Royal Air Force Blue Abyss & King's College London, he certainly pulled a crowd with UK Space Environments showcases at August’s Science Museum Lates: Space. This Lates was in partnership with UK Space Environments, The Royal Society, BBC Tomorrow's World, Wellcome and The Open University, bringing the best in UK space research.

RAF Henlow Could Become 'Blue Abyss' Space and Sea Centre

Blue Abyss would host the world's biggest 50m deep pool, a hotel and astronaut training facility. The Blue Abyss team hope to reuse some facilities at RAF Henlow, including a centrifuge base for high-G astronaut training. If approved it will be part of a multi-million-pound plan to develop a science, innovation and technology park at the base. 

SpaceX's First Falcon Heavy Rocket 

SpaceX's First Falcon Heavy Rocket is poised for launch and set to carry Elon Musk’s personal “Midnight Cherry” Electric Roadster car into space. 

Super Blue Blood Moon - Whats the fuss about?

Wednesday the 31st of January sees a Super Blood Blue Moon, an event not seen for over 150 years! The last time all of these events occurred simultaneously in the Western hemisphere was 1866. 

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