Total Trauma & Extreme Cleaning Assisted in the removal and clear-up of a dead whale at Portsmouth

Exclusive News Update:

Last week, a CSIP team from ZSL carried out a field examination of a whale brought into Portsmouth on 30th December, by a cargo vessel that had transited from Africa 
(national reference SW2019/694).


The team found that it was a 17.1m juvenile male fin whale in apparently good nutritional condition, with well-developed muscle mass and blubber deposits. The team found evidence of recent feeding, but no gross evidence of disease or discernible parasite burden. An extensive area of haemorrhage and oedema within the peritoneal wall and also over the thoracic region was consistent with the whale being struck by the vessel whilst alive and ship-strike is considered to be the most probable proximal cause of death. 

This was the third fin whale reported to the CSIP during 2019- approximately three fin whales are reported each year in the UK (data CSIP database 2015-2019, n=17). Data from examinations of ship-strike cases like these are contributed to a global initiative run by the International Whaling Commission, in an effort to learn more about the issue and mitigate this threat in the future. 


Total Trauma & Extreme Cleaning forms part of the 'Total Brand' group of services owned by Rubbish Clearance and Waste Removal Limited, a reputable and loyal advertiser of LOOP Magazine. They offer a first-class service and rapid response to domestic, commercial and industrial customers alike. 



At the end of 2019 saw a tragic loss for marine life as a 20 Metre long rorqual whale was spotted lodged onto the bow of the cote d’Ivoirian Star cargo ship as it sailed towards Portsmouth Harbour on the 30th of December 2019.



It is not known if the whale had died as a result of the collision or was picked up while the ship was in transit from Senegal, transporting tropical fruit. The whale was removed from the ship and bought ashore at Portsmouth harbour using a crane.



Jim Gildea and his Total Trauma & Extreme Cleaning team took an unusual phone call to assist urgently at the dock. Coincidentally Jim and Darren fox has been undertaking their maritime and coast-guard agency tier 2 spill response training in Ramsgate on December 30th, and we’re tasked to assist in Portsmouth port on December 31st!



Jim was on hand New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day to provide professional services until the whale was able to be transported to a facility in Essex.


Jim Said “We do our utmost to solve your problem, clearing and cleaning extremely traumatic, difficult and hazardous properties and locations in a professional, effective and discreet way.”



Further he added, “Whether it's your home, office or land, we will do our utmost to be on-site within 2 hours of receiving your call day or night, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.”


“We pride ourselves on being fast, effective and well trained & equipped, with an excellent reputation for our standards of work, whilst being reasonably priced for providing specialist cleaning and clearing services.”



Please phone Jim for any trauma cleaning or clearing needs on 01329 848737 Office or 07984 501822 Mobile, 24 hours a day 52 weeks a year 365 days a year. Total Trauma and Extreme Cleaning Group cover all of Hampshire & surrounding areas.


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