I have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, will exercise help me?


Most people get their Parkinson’s diagnosis when their symptoms have become obviously noticeable and one or more aspects of movement has been affected. Usually symptoms significantly improve when one starts to take medication.


What role, if any, does engaging in physical activity and/or exercises play in improving the Parkinson’s symptoms?

Short answer – A lot! 


If you have not been exercising or had stopped because of Parkinson’s symptoms, get back to exercises as soon as possible. Research evidence supporting the value of exercises in Parkinson’s has continued to grow.


However, the right kind of exercises at optimal intensity and frequency is required to maximise the benefit of exercises on Parkinson’s symptoms.

This is where PD warrior exercises can be helpful to you.


PD warrior exercises were created by expert neurological physiotherapist using the best available research evidence. They are designed to help slow down Parkinson’s disease i.e. to slow down the loss of dopamine producing neurons in the brain.


These exercises are also designed to help one move better and therefore, overcome some of the difficulties experienced as a result of Parkinson’s. 



How can I start PD Warrior exercises?


It is advised to start PD warrior exercises with the guidance from a PD warrior instructor.

The PD warrior instructor will assess your capability for exercises and determine with you what exercises will help you and then teach you how to perform the exercises.


Once you and the instructor are happy with your performance, you may continue with the exercises on your own or you can join PD warrior exercise class, normally once per week.


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